Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine


Trevor Wachsman

I cant praise Dr. Ly and his staff enough. Dr. Ly takes a tremendous time exploring your problems and explaining the treatment options he can provide with Chinese Medicine. I have been too many different acupuncturist over the years and I have never received such high quality care topped with care and support. I would highly recommend Dr. Ly to anyone who suffers from pain, allergies, anxiety, ADD. depression, arthritis, smoking, well you get the point. Chinese medicine has been proved successful for thousands of years without any side effects. I am not bias about eastern and western medicine, I actually have had cancer as a child and again 3 year ago and modern medicine has given me life.”


Dalton Chandler

“Great staff & excellent pain relief!”

Courtney Potts

I love this place and these people!
I was in a bad car accident over 4 years ago and have shoulder, neck and back problems that never fully resolved. I had almost given up hope that things could get better or that my level of functioning could improve more than it had in the years since the accident but figured I'd try anything if it gave me some relief. Dr. Ly is always so patient and explains everything to you so you understand the treatment, as does his wonderful staff. Everyone makes sure that you are comfortable and talks you through the procedures with great bed side manner (something hard to find in health care sometimes) and are always attentive to your needs. They recommended certain supplements that have helped and I've noticed changes in my body and thinking that have elevated my overall quality of life. While I still have pain and deal with other secondary issues of back and neck pain, my overall functioning, range of motion and pain management have improved. I was skeptical of acupuncture and it took me 3 years before I tried it and I regret not seeking in out sooner. I sincerely believe that these alternative methods are not only effective but also healthier than pharmaceutical interventions and being that they have been around for thousands of years, we as a culture could benefit from educating ourselves and opening our eyes to more traditional methods used by the rest of the world. Acupuncture is life truly changing and I am so grateful to have Dr. Ly and his incredible team in mine!!

Kevin Willis
Dr. Ly and the staff are great. No more Cortisone shots for me.
Victoria Shibata-Hatch
Very caring, professional staff. Dr. Ly takes time to listen and addresses your problem. Thoughtful, kind and compassionate!
Cynthia  Pate
I went to Dr Ly because I have glaucoma. His treatments were for glaucoma, acid reflux, and weight loss. My glaucoma has improved; I no longer take Prilosec for acid reflux; I have also lost 40 pounds and have kept the loss for almost 2 years. He and his staff are wonderful and very nurturing.
Dottie Aldredge
I went to see Dr. Ly because I bad severe back pain and oxi-cotton was no longer controlling my pain. I had previously had 2 back surgeries at UAB, my next drug was to be morphine. I had to retire from a job I loved. I was depressed and unable to enjoy my grandchildren in making cookies, and crafts.
On my first visit, Dr. Ly stopped the internal nervous feeling I had and stopped my constant movement from Parkinson's Disease. (I had been sweating from head to toe and in constant motion and pain for years.) Over the course of 11 months, I stopped ALL pain meds, started exercising, and began rebuilding my life. While I am no longer seeing him, I will not hesitate to return as needed. Parkinson's does cause PAIN.